Stroke Life Society

"United In Pursuit Of Living And Helping Others"


Welcome to Stroke Life Society!



We are a non-profit, grassroots organization located on Long Island, New York.  Our stroke support groups are the beating heart of our organization.  We offer a safe haven; a place to make friends, laugh, socialize, gain realistic feedback and find a "new normal" - all of which help us find meaning in life.  As you know, stroke can be very isolating.  By sharing our experiences and encouraging one another, together we face and overcome common challenges.  We provide support, resources, information and several programs that are structured to help others.  We believe that by helping others, we help ourselves. 


Our Vision

To promote the unification of the stroke survivor community in pursuit of living and by helping others regain a sense of well being and renewed purpose through a network of mutual advocacy and ongoing support groups while advancing stroke awareness and prevention within our communities.

Our Mission Statement


Our core mission is to interactively embrace stroke survivors and co-survivors  enabling them to feel connected through the mutual sharing of common experiences reducing the feeling of isolation while promoting a renewed sense of self by helping them help others. Support groups are run by stroke survivors, structured to include community volunteers and proactively networked with existing stroke support resources ensuring a collective advocacy of stroke awareness and prevention.