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Inspirational Stories


We encourage both survivors and co-survivors to write their personal stories and any other stories or poems they wish to write.   They are very inspirational and often written with humor.  We post them here on our website so that others can see the courage, strength, perserverence and creativity of these amazing people.  If any of these stories particularly touch you, please feel free to contact the survivor/ co-survivor via email.  They will be happy to get back to you and help in any way they can. 


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The writing below is by Bill McAlvin.  Bill is a stroke survivor who has risen from our support groups as being quite the writer.  He offers help to others who wish to write their stories but can't quite do it on their own. 




A Happy Father's Day


Bill McAlvin

June 2011

I have a happy Father's day every day.  Whenever I see you.

Whenever I hear from you.  Whenever I Think of you.

I'm happy to be your father.  I don't need a special day to show that.

I get overwhelmed with happiness when you ask my opinion.

I'm happy when you share your hopes, your dreams and your happiness with me.

I'm happy when you achieve your goals, for I feel I was part of that achievement.

I'm happy when you try to achieve, to be a part of your trying.

I'm happy that when things go wrong, you come to me for advice.

I'm happy to be able to love you, and be loved in return.

Happy Father's Day from a happy Dad!