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Robert Green (Stroke Survivor) and his wife Joan (Co-Survivor)

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Robert Green's Story



Robert Green is a youthful 74-year-old 5-year stroke survivor from South Ozone Park, NY. Having vision in only one eye since birth, the good eye was affected by the stroke and subsequent retinal surgery such that Robert is legally blind and is unable to drive. The sight problem together with one-sided weakness and aphasia makes this former plumber so fortunate to have an "Angel"-come-co-survivor in the guise of his wife Joan.

Prior to the stroke, Robert was an Elder in his Congregation and even travelled as a delegate to Russia. Now both survivor and co-survivor are a team - they do everything together, and Joan is willing her hero along the road to recovery.
That path to recovery includes rehab at Jamaica Hospital, with physical, occupational and speech therapy at CW Post and Hofstra University. Robert's schedule now involves attendance at LIJ's Transitions for speech, physical and occupational therapy, and regular visits to his stroke specialist, Dr Richard Libman of North Shore LIJ Medical Center. It was at LIJ that Robert joined their stroke support group and from there he is now a fully-fledged member of the Stroke Life Society. Both Robert and Joan consider Stroke Life Society's role in peer-support group therapy to be instrumental in his speech improvement. Although Joan understood him and the sense of what he was saying, Robert was initially reluctant to talk around other people as he thought he couldn't be understood. Now his speech has improved immensely thanks to the ability to feel more relaxed in the company of fellow-survivors on a regular basis. Robert not only talks to the group, but he is more assertive! Love, faith and gritty determination have all played a part in Robert's improvement, such that he fully-participated in a recent Stroke Life Society social event, fishing for fluke on board the JIB VI out of Captree. Best wishes to Robert that his forthcoming hip surgery will serve to increase his mobility.


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Send email to and be sure to put 'Robert Green' in subject text.


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