Stroke Life Society

"United In Pursuit Of Living And Helping Others"

Stroke Support Group Program


Our Support Group Program is very unique.  We offer support to stroke survivors and co-survivors by providing meetings at convenient, familiar locations.  Together we help others learn about stroke, share our stories and inspire to move forward after stroke.  While our bodies have been cared for by so many professionals, it's very likely the spirit within has been neglected.  Stroke Life Society nurtures the spirit and soul.  Our support groups are made up of stroke survivors, co-survivors and "Angels" (these are people who just want to help). 

Together, we are "United in Pursuit of Living and Helping Others". 

We have ongoing monthly Stroke Life Society Support Meetings at specific locations as well as meetings that are partnered with other organizations.  Please click below to see our current upcoming meeting schedule.  New meetings are added frequently so continue to visit our website for updates.


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