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Name:  Will Noon

Age:  49

Lives in:  Oceanside

Occupation:  Custodian

Date of stroke:  3 strokes/ 2 heart attacks at age 6

Type of stroke:  ICH (Intracerebral Hemorrhage) and 2 subsequent ischemic from head injury clots

Initial Deficits:  Right sided paralysis; unable to talk

Improvements: Remarkable!

Co-Survivors: His loving Mom who's strength and unconditional "tough" love taught Will at age 6 to never give up and encouraged him to do what others said he couldn't.  She has since passed but still watching over Will from above.  Will also benefited from the love and attention of older siblings.

"Will To Live"


As a young child, Will suffered from a series of debilitating strokes

and yet his weakness was met without intimidation, his illness without surrender.

His lifelong recovery was inspired by the encouraging spirit of his unyielding mother

who instilled within him the boiling desire to live strong and free beyond his physical limitations.

Blessed with uncommon grace and a will "tempered" by his family

he wrestled with many challenges and losses to emerge spiritually unscathed as a true giver.

He has brought to our Stroke Life Society his quiet dignity

and a gritty courage to prevail above all else.

The pleasure of his company with new friends

and his willingness to "pitch in" to help others as he strives to improve himself

underscores our core group purpose.

That the leaves of our minds gather to recognize the strong pulse in the lives of stroke survivors with the color to be shared with all.





To contact Will:

Send email to and be sure to put 'Will Noon' in subject text.


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